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Funk Club
Get Up
Move It
Fast Run

Funk & groove background music for videos

Do you know that feeling that some songs of wanting to dance produce, that makes it inevitable not to move? That “something” you can’t see or study. Well, that’s the groove.

Groove is a rhythmic orientation, context and a form of interaction between musicians. The word comes from the expression “in the groove“, that is, in the groove; a phrase that originated in the 30s, when the boom of the swing was taking place. In addition, it is used to call a way in which musicians connect with each other when playing instruments, in a tight and rhythmic way, transmitting that emotion to the audience.

So, groove is more related to jazz, funk (which we will talk about later), soul… That is, musical styles with African roots.

As a curiosity, there is a theory that links the groove with the grooves of the vinyl in which, not long before the full apogee of this style, music was recorded. If you look at any vinyl, you can see that on the surface the grooves vary depending on the frequency range with which the disc has been recorded.

So what is funk?

For its part, funk music was born 30 years later with the fusion of soul, jazz and R&B, along with Latin rhythms such as mambo, creating a new style of music very danceable, energetic, modern, and positive. In fact, in American black slang, the word funk refers to the action of moving or following the music, with a sexual connotation.

In this, much less importance is given to melody and harmony, gaining prominence in percussion. In this way, the usual instrumentation is constituted of: the guitar and the electric bass, the Hammond organ, and the drums being added, on occasions, elements of wind, such as the sax or the trumpets.

As for its composition, it can be said that it is based on the vamp (a repeated figure or accompaniment that extends over a single chord), with a certain resemblance to that of the beat or the offbeat. Like much of African-American music, funk creates an intense and complex groove, reaching the listener very vividly.

A well-known figure in this genre is the famous James Brown, who in the 60s was baptized with the name of the father of funk.

Royalty-free groove and funk background music

Funk was used on numerous occasions in the urban form to vindicate social and civil issues such as racism and social inequality, becoming a style widely used in everyday life to animate the environment with its characteristic groove. For this reason, it can be reproduced in any place or situation in which you want to generate a cheerful, optimistic, and joyful atmosphere.

Youtube video documentaries, radio broadcasts, television commercials, or even corporate presentations are multimedia projects in which funk music is applied in the background. For example, in a scene (of any kind), it helps the video flow by suggesting a certain rhythm: in fast backing tracks the scene seems to go faster than in real life.

At Legis Music we offer you a wide variety of funk and groove songs to accompany your projects, giving you the opportunity to choose the one that best suits you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help.