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Cinematic Epic

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Cease Fire
City Entry
Horse in the Dust
The Other Side of the Coin
Vintage Bullet
Wrath of the King

Epic music, trailer music? There is no exact definition or agreed-upon term for this type of music consisting of a series of sounds, rhythms and melodies that are generally associated with battles and wars. In fact, it is not commonly accepted as a musical genre in its own right.

To understand a little more about how it is used and what it is used for, you need to know about its origins and musical composition, as it is a musical genre that has evolved over the years.

How did Epic Music come about?

During the 1990s, companies such as Globus (Epicon) and Inmediate Music were producing music for trailers, until 1993 when the latter became the pioneer of epic music.

Remarkably, this style was initially only available to corporations and the film industry. The creation of albums and music tracks grew exponentially as it was proven to work effectively and generate a large audience. Between 2005 and 2010, many songwriters gained notoriety when their songs were played at major events such as the Olympics.

Originally, it was inspired by classical symphonies with an epic character, such as the famous collection of medieval goliardic songs “Carmina Burana”, which was part of the soundtrack of several war films.

Today, however, it is no longer considered a genre so closely associated with the trailer; in fact, many authors identify with it and have made a name for themselves through channels such as YouTube or EMC (epic music channels). In addition, their demand has increased due to their appearance in movies such as Marvel.

Thus, it is in action movies and war video games that we find a greater number of scenarios with a background based on epic music.

Musical Composition

This type of music is very versatile and covers a wide range of styles. On the one hand, it can be generated by several orchestras recorded in large halls or, on the other hand, it can be minimalist with one or no voices playing, combining classical music with modern instrumentation and editing. Similarly, it can be related to symphonic rock or contemporary classics.

Therefore, if we go back to the origins, we conclude that they are large emotional productions mixing elements of orchestra, percussion, synthesis and choir.

Regarding what epic music generates or provokes, we can say that it evokes in people images and feelings of greatness and heroism. These themes can be appreciated by anyone who speaks any language, because communication is not based on words, but on details of expression.

Epic Music for Youtube, Videos and Movies

As you have seen, epic music is (almost) entirely focused on the cinematic world, because in movies it is really necessary to convey emotions through sounds. Thus, it is mainly used in scenes where greatness and power must be expressed. It is also used optimistically for videos and video games in which the main characters have to achieve a difficult goal.

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