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As you may have experienced, we currently live in a world in which everything happens very quickly.

Our daily lives are subject to many responsibilities and worries, increasing our levels of stress and anxiety.

In response, we are overloaded with pains and muscle tensions that limit us, both physically and mentally. musica relajante piano

To counteract this type of aches and relaxing our body and mind, the so-called Wellness Centers emerged, which have been trendy for a few years.

Or at least that seems to be the case if we look at the data from the latest report by the Global Wellness Institute.

The wellness industry is a global market that generated approximately 4.2 trillion dollars worldwide . In addition, as the study shows, this market has grown by more than 10% in the last five years.

So if you own a spa, spa or wellness center, feel lucky because it’s a growing industry.

However, you must be at the forefront and complement your center with an element that, today, is essential to improve the experience of your customers: music.

Music is the perfect accompaniment to achieving a state of relaxation and well-being.

Making a good musical selection will allow you to more effectively stimulate the senses of your clients, who will subconsciously perceive the warmth and relaxation that your Spa gives off.

However, in order to choose the right music, prior research is necessary, as well as taking into account the copyright of the songs you want to use. If you don’t, you may fall into the trap of playing music from the radio, YouTube or a relaxing music CD, in which case you would be breaking the law.

But don’t worry.

Luckily there are platforms that will allow you to use the perfect music for your Wellness Center in an economical and legal way.

Rotate your phone or swipe in order to view properly this table.

SOUNDTRACK YOUR BRANDFamous and well-known songs$34.99/month per location
CLOUD COVER MUSICFamous and well-known songsFrom $16.95/month per location

Why is background music important in a spa?

In this type of complex, it is essential to have all the senses of your customers under control.

The temperature of the water, the intensity of the light or the good smell will be very important, all of them easily adjustable with relatively little effort.

However, the sound environment will be the element that best accompanies your customers towards a state of relaxation and well-being, which is the main objective for which they will come to your centre.

Musica relajante zenAnd think about it for a moment.

If a person attends your spa and enjoys an authentic relaxing experience accompanied by good anti-stress music, they will associate your brand as the solution to their day-to-day stresses.

This is something that will undoubtedly increase sales, strengthen your brand and generate new customers due to the recommendations of other satisfied customers.

In fact, 35% of customers spend more time in establishments where good music sounds in tune with the theme of the site. And in the case of a center dedicated to leisure and relaxation, that percentage could increase considerably.

However, managing the musical factor and establishing the sensory strategy of which we spoke is often a headache for many managers of this type of business.

Choosing the specific style of music that should be played and playing it in compliance with legal regulations is one of its most complex challenges.

For this reason, we will now focus on solving the question of the musical genres that work best in Spas.

What kind of music is best for my health resort?

A very basic answer to this question could be the following:

“A Wellness Centre is a place dedicated to relaxation, so the music that best fits is the relaxing music”.

musica antiestres y ansiedadHowever, “relaxing music” is not a musical genre as such. Many styles of music have songs or tracks that can be considered relaxing. In fact, the term “relaxing” is certainly subjective, because each person can feel relaxed with different types of music.

Benefits of relaxing music in a Wellness Spa Centre

You have already seen that there are several musical styles that fit into the recommended sound environment inside a spa.

However, they could all be encompassed in one genre: relaxing music, which has the following advantages

  • Reduces levels of anxiety and stress, lowering blood pressure and improving the health of our heart. - It is involved in the production of endorphins, hormones that provide a feeling of well-being, so it has analgesic and antidepressant properties. - Improves the quality of sleep and, therefore, our rest. - Promotes creativity, concentration and develops memory - Increases our positivism, morale and self-esteem

Do I have to pay for using music in my bathing resort?

Whenever you use copyrighted music, you must pay royalties to PROs.

PRO are acronym of ‘ Performance Rights Organizations ‘ and is responsible for defending and managing the intellectual property rights in each country, (BMI, ASCAP or SESAC in USA, PPL-PRS in the UK…).

In other words, if you want to use famous songs legally in your wellness center, you should first contact this society so that they can give you a budget based on the number of square meters of your center. copyright-musica-libre-derechos-autor-

Normally it is a fairly high amount so many people tend to opt for other alternatives.

One of them is to play music from sources such as radio, television, CDs or platforms such as YouTube or Spotify.

However, this is not an alternative, as you will need to pay the corresponding PROs fee as long as the music is copyrighted, which is quite likely.

What if I use a musical thread?

In that particular case, you would need to go to the terms of the contract signed with your music provider and make sure that it complies with the law.

Otherwise, you could be using copyrighted music without paying to the PROs, in which case you risk being inspected and fined large sums of money.

Where can I legally purchase music for my Wellness Center?

You could say that there are two ways to legally play music in a Spa: through the PROs or through alternative platforms such as Soundtrack Your Brand or Cloud Cover Music.

1. PROs


You already know the first of these options.

Unfortunately, the prices of the licenses proposed by PROs can be somewhat abusive in most cases.

For this reason, this is not the best solution to sound your Spa, economically speaking.

Nowadays you can count on other platforms that will cover your needs with total guarantee, much cheaper and without legal problems.

2. Soundtrack Your Brand

soundtrack-license-page Soundtrack Your Brand is a Swedish company created in 2013 to provide streaming music to companies and is, with guarantees, the best tool to manage the music factor of your spa.

It has also long been known as “Spotify for Business”, although calling them that is not correct.

This is because Spotify is one of its largest shareholders and because Soundtrack Your Brand allows you to sync your Spotify account. But beyond that, they have no similarity in their services.

This platform will give you access to a large number of playlists that are constantly updated with thousands of songs by well-known artists.

You also have complete control over what’s playing in your wellness center, as you can remotely control the music from any device, programming a specific music thread or selecting music tracks manually or automatically.

In addition to the above, Soundtrack Your Brand offers the following advantages:

  • Complete control of your business music - Music played in all the locations you need - More than 300 soundtracks with songs selected by experts - Possibility to create new soundtracks by mixing several stations - Flexibility to schedule and play soundtracks on different days and times - Available for various operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows - Offline mode to keep the music going even if you don’t have Internet access

If you have been convinced by all these advantages and you want to move forward knowing this platform, you should know one important thing.

Although Soundtrack Your Brand usually offers all the necessary rights to the music tracks, on some continents, and specifically in some countries such as Australia or the United Kingdom, it is necessary to acquire the public performance license through the record labels, music publishers, and / or local collection societies in order to use Soundtrack Your Brand legally.

Having clarified this, let’s see the data you were waiting for: its price.

How much does Soundtrack Your Brand cost?

This is another differentiating feature with respect to the fees required by the PROs.

Where society demands a different payment depending on the square meters of your complex, Soundtrack Your Brand has a fixed monthly cost of $34.99 for each of your Spas, regardless of the area.

As you can see, this is a very low amount for all the musical features it offers you.

It is worth mentioning that this price is for the United States and Canada, so if your spa is not in these locations, you can see the cost it would have for your particular case on its price page . monetizar-vlog-canal-youtube

Normally, people pay a month and test the platform to see if it meets their needs well or not.

But at Soundtrack Your Brand they don’t want you to pay a penny until you know they offer the solution you’re looking for.

For this reason, they give you that month of trial.

That is to say, they offer you 30 days totally free of charge without any kind of commitment.

You use it at no cost and, if it convinces you, then you buy the paid service.

3. Cloud Cover Musiccloudcover-licenses

Cloud Cover Music is another of the solutions against the canons of the Societies of Author.

It has quite similar characteristics to SoundTrack Your Brand, as it offers music from well-known artists in a legal way.

However, it has a more ‘online radio’ format.

Among its licenses is the so-called ‘Music Plan’, which for a cost of $16.16 per month will give you access to more than 120 streaming stations.

It only has a small ‘but’, and is that they only offer their services in North America -United States and Canada-, so if your Spa does not belong to one of these countries, you will not be able to enjoy their services.

If, on the other hand, this is not your case, I have some good news.

Cloud Cover Music offers a free trial period of 2 weeks, in which you can use its platform 100% to see if it is the solution you were looking for to provide the sound background of your spa.

musica relajante para masajes y balnearios

The 6 keys to using music correctly in your Spa

musica meditacion zenAt this point, you have already seen the importance of music in a wellness center, its benefits and the most appropriate genres to generate that atmosphere of warmth and relaxation in your complex.

However, we have not yet covered the keys on how to use this music correctly.

But don’t worry, because we’ll reveal the keys to do it the best way.

Key #1: Music, always in the background

The sound background of your spa must be that very thing: a sound background.

It should always be a secondary actor, gently mixing with the aquatic sounds of the whirlpools.

Remember that the musical element is part of sensory marketing, so it should be perceived lightly, in the same way as we perceive the pleasant aroma when we enter a decor store.

Key #2: Volume, just enough to be perceived

When creating the sonorous atmosphere of your balneary it is essential that the volume is tenuous and pleasant, strengthening the relaxing aspect of your center.

Don’t forget that music is an accompaniment to the main activity that will take place in your spa.

People should be able to talk comfortably without music prevailing over their voices.

Key #3: Rhythm, in harmony with objective

If the goal of a wellness center is relaxation, the rhythm of the music must be relaxed.

Any type of music that goes too fast will generate incongruence with the place and produce the opposite effect on your customers.

You have seen before that styles such as jazz, chill out or bossa nova, have that quiet harmony that will be totally in line with the objective of your complex.

Key #4: Leave your musical tastes outside the spa

You might want to be in a spa, sitting in the jacuzzi, listening to your favorite rock song or your favorite singer’s latest hit. musica budista tibetana yoga reiki zen

However, it’s likely that your clients won’t like the same music and end up having an unwanted experience at your spa.

To avoid this, it’s best to limit the music to neutral styles that have a relaxing factor in common.

Key #5: Relaxing and motivating music at the same time

Don’t make the mistake of choosing any kind of quiet music for the sake of being quiet.

There are many songs that, despite fulfilling the relaxing factor, could evoke nostalgic or depressing feelings due to their melancholic melodies. It is necessary to select a music that, on the contrary, causes states of happiness.

You must turn your center into a temple dedicated to well-being, where the music awakens positive and motivating sensations that eliminate the “bad vibrations” of your clients.

Key #6: Different places, different music

Within your Wellness Center there will be a multitude of spaces dedicated to different functions, such as for example:

  • The reception, where you will receive your clients - The swimming pools, where they will enjoy the effect of pressurized water - The massage cabins, where they will be able to relax their tensions

Each space is different, its corresponding environment too, and so it must happen with the music that surrounds it.

For example, you will not put the same music in a massage cabin as in the hydromassage area. musica relajante sonidos de la naturaleza

In the first space, you will need a much softer melody with a very slow rhythm, such as chill out or meditation music, while in the second place you will be able to use more accelerated music with a more motivating melody, such as bossa nova or jazz.


Most people who go to a spa have a very clear objective: to relax.

When clients are relaxed they will feel more receptive and comfortable to benefit from your resort treatments.

And one of the most powerful tools to create that relaxing atmosphere is the musical ambience.

You have already seen that styles such as ambient music, jazz, bossa nova or chill out, help to improve your clients’ sensory experience, subconsciously increasing their level of tranquillity, something that has a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Promote wellness - Reduce stress - Relieve muscle pain - Improve concentration - Increase self-esteem

However, playing music of these styles is not as easy as playing a CD, playing ‘play’ to your favorite YouTube list or tuning in to relaxing streaming radio. If you do, you’ll break the law and be penalized financially.

The positive side is that you now know the two legal ways to put background music in your spa and avoid these fines:

  1. Through the exaggerated PROs licenses 2. Through platforms dedicated to the sale of legal music over the Internet.

This is where platforms such as Soundtrack Your Brand and  Cloud Cover Music services allow you to use music from well-known artists without having problems with copyright.

Both allow you to manage the sound environment of your spa from anywhere due to the possibility of remote control, while you can program the music according to the day or time. Musica relajante para masajes con agua

In addition, these platforms offer a free trial period (30 days in Soundtrack Your Brand, and 14 days in Cloud Cover Music) so you can enjoy them at no cost and without any obligation.

But remember: Cloud Cover Music is only available in the United States and Canada.

With this in mind, now it’s up to you to decide which of the two you want to try for providing your Wellness Center with the best background sound.

We recommend you visit our related articles on how to choose music for beauty salons and music for fitness centers .

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