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Authenticity, simplicity, connection… Without a doubt, these are the adjectives that could best describe acoustic music. This type of music brings that personal touch to songs that is often not achieved when producing electronic music, which is definitely much more powerful in tone.

However, it does not mean, in any way, that one has more quality than the other; the question is in the use we want to give to each one. If we are in a bar having a few beers with friends, we will like to listen to “cleaner”, simpler music, i.e. acoustic music; whereas if we are attending a concert, we will enjoy the power and amplification offered by the electronic music being played live.

What exactly is acoustic music?

Acoustic music is understood to be music generated without the use of electricity: only the sound of the instrument itself. For example, an electric guitar transforms the vibrations of the strings into different electrical signals, while an acoustic guitar only needs its own box to amplify the sounds. This avoids synthesised and perfect sounds, bringing a touch of expression and naturalness to the songs.

Many of the best known bands and singers around the world have already made their “unplugged” version of songs, as it has been observed that, since the beginnings in 1989 of this type of music, the career of many artists has been popularised and even revitalised. Juanes, Maná, Paul McCartney and even Nirvana are some of the artists who have chosen to bring this more natural version of their music to the market.

Royalty-free acoustic music as background music

What is your idea? What do you need this background music for? A video game, a web portal, an app, a radio and/or television commercial, YouTube videos… It doesn’t matter! This type of music adapts to whatever your purpose is, bearing in mind that in any medium the visual channel is as important as the auditory one.

At Legis Music we offer you this convenient and economical option for any multimedia project: listeners will feel that they are getting a real sound, with an intimate touch and a message to convey.

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