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Children’s music is music that gathers songs and melodies directed, especially, to children between the ages of 1 and 12. Thus, it is a very common and traditional musical genre, which has been used for many generations for the distraction and fun of minors, as it is considered a means of expression and communication through which children can experience and create various sensations.

It encompasses both the songs that everyone knows, as could be “the courtyard of my house”, as lullabies, those used in nurseries and schools, or even those that preteens listen to on the Internet.

Children’s songs are characterized by being simple, pleasant and playful, expressing the innocence of being a child.  The rhythm is usually dynamic, contagious and fun, to make you want to dance and arouse enthusiasm. As for the lyrics, they are usually simple and direct, easy to learn and talk about subjects such as animals, colors or nature; in no case do they deal with complicated or violent issues. In addition, producers tend to create a constant repetition of words, which rhyme with each other as well, for the audience to easily grasp.

Benefits of children’s music

Due to its characteristics, there are several benefits that this musical genre can bring to children. On the one hand, we find that it favors the ability to concentrate and memorization thanks to its catchy rhythms; in the same way that it helps to develop better learning of speech and the meaning of words, ie, enhances the verbal abilities and, also, motor (through body coordination, for example).

On the other hand, it generates confidence and security in themselves, since they feel understood by others when listening to the same songs, thus stimulating the coexistence of the group through a climate of respect, collaboration and help.

Types and uses of children’s music

While many people think that music for children has only entertainment use, there are many scenarios and contexts in which it can be used, considering the goal that is being pursued. Thus, its main function is to accompany various games, such as the “white shoe, blue shoe”, in which minors sing while they develop the activity. Attached to this, is the playful use, to keep children busy when they have nothing to do or to use the background sounds in moments of leisure and free time.

It can also be used to develop skills, mostly of speech and communication, in a pleasant way; and for a didactic purpose, to learn concepts of a particular subject, such as parts of the human body. Finally, there are sleeping lullabies, used to calm babies when going to bed, deterring stress or fear they may feel.

Royalty-free background music for children

As with any other musical genre, music for children favors the appearance of certain feelings in them, such as creativity, empathy, joy or serenity. Although it is usually played orally, there are other means by which to make this music available to minors.

It can be used as background music for videos with relevant images, creating a pleasant situation without any effort; also for comedies and video games.

The school environment is the main platform for this type of music, as it is frequently used by teachers and other professionals (such as psychologists) as a teaching method based on rhythms and letters that help learning and brain development.

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