Olexandr Ignatov: Working hard & smart to make a living with Music

Since 2013, young Olexandr Ignatov is making a living from AudioJungle. With an impressive number of +11.000 licenses sold and more than +750 items uploaded, he is one of the most hard working authors there. Let’s dive in his journey so far!

olexandr ignatov

– Hello Olexandr, what an honor to have you in here to be part of our interviews. A few days ago you reached Author Level 9 on AudioJungle, so you have sold more than 250.000$ on the marketplace. This is an amazing achievement for anyone and sure you will have an interesting story behind. So, let’s go to the very beginnings, how you discovered Audiojungle on 2013 and how it all started?

OLEXANDR: Hello guys! I discovered AudioJungle a little more than a 3 years ago when I was mostly working with my other projects at a time (teaching people piano, keyboards and music production, as well as playing with all kind of rock and pop bands) I don’t remember for sure how I landed on AudioJungle website but someone talked to me about all kinds of stock content business and I got interested in it as an additional income flow.

And which is probably more important – I got hooked by the idea that I can create music which I like, in quantities that I like and I can bring value to that marketplace.

I started almost right on a New Years eve in the end of 2013 with some audio logos and one orchestral music track which happened to later be one of my bestsellers and it got featured by AudioJungle pretty soon after it was approved. So you could imagine I was encouraged to continue that path!

– Did you thought you could make a living from the day one or it was later on that you realized this fact?

OLEXANDR: I did my research and immediately looked the ‘Top Sellers’ list to see how much guys are making there for analytical purposes. I ran some statistics and calculations and very soon I was pretty sure I could be one of the main players and get an almost passive income source.

But the realization came stronger after a month or two when I first made my few hundreds of sales so I knew it was working!

– Which ones had been your very best days in AudioJungle? Tell us about the moments you will always remember.

OLEXANDR: I guess the very first moment to remember is right when I started and it was a review time. It was like 5 minutes and I couldn’t believe that I can produce a track, upload it, go to eat something then come back and boom – I have a sale! That was damn inspiring.

The next moment was when my item was featured which I’m still extremely thankful to AudioJungle, that item didn’t make it to a top sellers list though, but it was a good sign for me!

– And the worsts? Did you felt discouraged at some time and think about quitting and doing anything else?

OLEXANDR: Yes sure there were times when I was like ‘What the heck with that system? Why do the sales stop suddenly? I got pretty discouraged when I couldn’t figure out the reason for a sale drops. I’m the kind of a person that demands a control over things and not letting things control me so the fact that I couldn’t control the outcome was pretty frustrating at times!

Probably the biggest hit was at the end of 2014: search engine changed, all the files were messed up in a search and everyone was very confused about how the new search works. But later the guys from AudioJungle did a pretty great job optimizing it so it works pretty great and fair to everyone.

Though I never thought of doing anything else because I knew I could figure things out and continue to push.

logo olexandr ignatov– I’m sure you’re one of the fastest producers on AJ, with more than 700 items in your portfolio right now. How do you do that?

OLEXANDR: I just try to have myself really organized and each and every detail of my workflow is really efficient, still could be improved.

I don’t ask the question like I’m always getting asked – ‘What do you do to work fast?’ I always answer ‘I kill the things that make me work slow’.

There is no glory in working forever on a project, usually the more time spend – the worse the result.

Eliminate the little things and distractions that make you work slow and it already will speed up your workflow, and then add a little ‘time savers’ here and there: templates, folders, fx chains, etc…

– Let’s talk a little about the tools you use to produce. What’s your setup?

OLEXANDR: My setup in pretty simple: fully maxed out iMac Retina and a Kurzweil master keyboard. Also a pair of Presonus Eris E8 monitors, a Rode USB microphone and an iPhone.

A lot is happening on the virtual side: I love Slate Digital plugins, I own and use most of them, they are just great! Also, I love stuff from Native Instruments, these guys always deliver!

– What are your musical influences?

OLEXANDR: I love all kinds of music that touch me in some way and dislike the music that doesn’t touch me. I came from a classical piano / progressive metal background being a keyboard player for various bands, including pop, funk, rap/hip hop bands.

Some of my favorites are Dream Theater, Sixx:A.M., Alice Cooper, Adam Lambert, The Beatles. Actually a lot more but just to name a few.

– Let’s talk now about one of your greatest strengths: online marketing. You have a nice website, a growing Youtube Channel, a good SoundCloud account, Facebook fans and a great Instagram profile. How you take care of everything at once? And how you set up your time to produce music and take care of marketing in such a good way?

OLEXANDR: I just do it all, I try to communicate to my audiences and learn what they need. Then I just try to deliver it as frequent as I can to grab their attention.

I use some skills that I have in marketing, Facebook/YouTube promotion, paid advertising and campaigns and statistic analysis.

All that together allow me to reach out to new audiences and deliver the best music to them as well as keep a communication going.

– Which social media channel has helped you most to grow your audience and what was the strategy there?

OLEXANDR: The AudioJungle itself is kinda a social platform and it helped me the most. The great thing about it that it’s maintaining itself after you figured out the way it works, which is very unique for each author.

I just work the way it works for me – work hard, work smart and be frequent to be in your face every day!

– What genres and styles did you intend to build your portfolio on and why?

OLEXANDR: Most of my music is inspiring piano, corporate and epic stuff. Occasionally I do some heavy electronic, dubstep or rock/metal track. Also, I love acoustic guitar and use it a lot in a folk/acoustic/corporate genre.

These genres, especially piano are something I can bring the most value to the clients as a professional piano player. There are many piano music tracks that are almost dead, painted in a ‘piano roll’ with dead sound and no soul in it.

I try to still keep my music pretty exciting and dynamic while also keeping that ‘commercial’ quality that our  AJ audience is looking for.


– Do you have any more personal or professional projects apart from AJ that you want to share with us? What are your next goals in AudioJungle and in life?

OLEXANDR:  Speaking of AudioJungle – I want to continue producing as many quality content for the audience as I could until I feel I need to stop it or until it won’t longer serve my purpose, which is not the case at the moment, as I’m very excited in that kind of business. I surely will try to hit that next levels which are Level 10 and Level 11 at least, which is rare at AudioJungle, unlike on other websites like ThemeForest.

AudioJungle is the best place and the most friendly to its users to search for a music content and I’ll do my best to continue delivering great products to it and spreading the word about it so together we’ll make it even a better place for everyone!

– And the last one, as always, for the newcomer authors on Audiojungle. Almost every one of them wants to make a living from what they love, but most of them are not sure that they can make it. Any advice for them?

OLEXANDR: Yes – discover your strong sides and then use them. Don’t be fooled with the ‘quality over quantity’ and ‘I’m a perfectionist’ mantras if you’re a beginner – you need some quantity before you’ll get quality so don’t by shy to produce a lot of content: this will allow you to see what your audience reacts to, what are you strong and weak sides and what can you do to improve yourself.

Then later you should adjust your strategies as your business will grow and evolve and so should you and your thinking be doing.

You can browse OlexandrIgnatov AudioJungle portfolio here.

// Biggest strengths and points that we can learn from Olexandr are his amazing workflow that allows him to deliver value at all times without stop and his eagerness to continue delivering value on AudioJungle no matter what. Thank you very much for your time, tips and help Olexandr! 😀 // 

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