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Key Takeaways

  1. Relevance of Music in PUBG: Music plays a crucial role in the gaming experience and content creation, enhancing immersion and emotional connection with the audience.
  2. Understanding Copyright Laws: It’s essential for content creators to understand copyright laws to avoid infringements and potential legal consequences. Music is categorized into three main types: copyrighted, royalty-free, and public domain.
  3. Importance of Non-Copyright Music: Using non-copyright music allows creators to enrich their content without the risk of copyright claims, thereby facilitating worry-free monetization and distribution.
  4. Appropriate Music Sources: There are various platforms and music libraries, such as the YouTube Audio Library and Free Music Archive, that provide access to non-copyright music suitable for gaming content.
  5. Creating Own Music: Creators with musical inclinations may opt to compose their own music, which not only avoids copyright issues but also adds a personal and unique touch to their content.
  6. Legal Navigation: It’s crucial for creators to familiarize themselves with copyright laws and follow recommended practices for music use, including verifying copyright status and adhering to terms of use.
  7. Case Studies: Examples of streamers and creators who have successfully used non-copyright music illustrate how the right music can significantly increase viewer engagement and audience size.
  8. Strategic Conclusion: Choosing and using non-copyright music is a key strategy for enhancing the quality and appeal of PUBG content, contributing to a creator’s success and distinction in the digital marketplace.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has captured the hearts of millions of gamers around the globe, offering an exhilarating battle royale experience that demands skill, strategy, and a bit of luck.

As the game unfolds on vast landscapes, one often overlooked but crucial element that can enhance this immersive experience is music.

Background music plays a pivotal role in gaming, setting the tone, building tension, and even giving players auditory cues that can provide competitive advantages.

In the realm of online streaming and content creation, the music that accompanies gameplay footage is not just an afterthought; it’s a vital component of the viewer’s experience.

However, the use of music in gaming content is tightly regulated by copyright laws.

These laws, designed to protect the rights of music creators, can sometimes pose challenges for content creators who wish to incorporate music into their streams or videos.

This is where non-copyright music becomes invaluable.

It allows streamers and YouTubers to enrich their content without infringing upon copyright laws, ensuring that their work remains accessible and monetizable.

Understanding copyrights in music

Copyrights in music are a form of intellectual property protection that grants the creator of the music exclusive rights to use, reproduce, and distribute their work.

These rights are designed to encourage creativity and ensure that creators can benefit financially from their creations.

However, for content creators and streamers, navigating the complexities of copyright law can be daunting.

Copyrighted music cannot be used without permission from the copyright holder, which often involves licensing fees or agreements that are not feasible for many creators.

The distinction between copyrighted, royalty-free, and non-copyright music is crucial for content creators.

Copyrighted music is protected and requires permission for use.

Royalty-free music, on the other hand, is music that, once purchased or licensed, can be used without the need to pay royalties for each use.

However, the initial license may still involve a fee.

Non-copyright music, also known as public domain music, is free to use without any licensing or fees.

It includes works whose copyright has expired or works specifically released by the creator for free use by anyone.

For PUBG players who stream their gameplay or create content, the soundtrack accompanying their epic battles is not just background noise; it’s an integral part of the storytelling.

Non-copyright music offers a treasure trove of options for enhancing their content legally and freely.

By utilizing non-copyright tracks, creators can avoid the pitfalls of copyright infringement, which can lead to videos being taken down, demonetized, or even legal action.

Moreover, the right music can significantly impact viewer engagement and retention.

A well-chosen soundtrack can elevate the excitement of a match, underscore dramatic moments, or simply provide an enjoyable auditory experience that complements the visual action.

This not only makes the content more enjoyable to watch but can also help in building a loyal viewership that looks forward to every upload or live stream.

In addition, music can serve as a branding tool for content creators.

By consistently using a particular style or selection of tracks, creators can establish a unique auditory identity that becomes recognizable to their audience.

This helps in creating a more personalized and memorable viewing experience, further differentiating their content in a crowded space.

In the following sections, the article will explore sources of non-copyright music and provide practical advice for incorporating these resources into PUBG content, ensuring that creators can continue to engage their audiences without compromising on the legal front.

For PUBG players and content creators seeking to enhance their videos or streams with music while adhering to legal requirements, several sources offer a vast library of non-copyright music.

These platforms provide a variety of tracks that can suit different moods, game moments, or content themes, ensuring that creators can find the perfect soundtrack to accompany their PUBG adventures.

  • YouTube Audio Library : A popular choice for many content creators, the YouTube Audio Library offers a wide range of free music and sound effects. Users can filter tracks by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and even copyright status (e.g., attribution required or not).ç
  • Free Music Archive (FMA) : FMA is a rich resource for finding high-quality, legal audio downloads. Its user-friendly interface allows creators to explore music by genre or curator, making it easier to discover tracks that complement their content’s vibe.
  • Incompetech : Created by Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech is a well-known source of royalty-free music that spans various genres. MacLeod’s music has been widely used in thousands of videos and games, offering easy attribution and a vast selection of themes.
  • Bensound : Offering a collection of music in genres ranging from electronic to acoustic, Bensound is another excellent resource for royalty-free tracks. The site allows creators to use the music for free under the Creative Commons License, as long as proper credit is given.

When using non-copyright music from these sources, it’s crucial for creators to read and understand the terms of use.

Some tracks may require attribution or have specific restrictions on commercial use, so adhering to these guidelines is essential to avoid legal complications.

For PUBG content creators with a musical inclination, creating their own background music can be a rewarding approach to adding a personal touch to their videos or streams.

This not only circumvents copyright issues but also allows for complete creative control over the auditory experience of the content.

  • Music creation tools and software: Several accessible music production software options, such as GarageBand, FL Studio, and Ableton Live, can help beginners and seasoned musicians alike create custom tracks. Many of these programs offer comprehensive tutorials to get users started.
  • Tips for composing gaming music: When composing music for gaming content, consider the pace and style of the game. For intense battle royale matches in PUBG, energetic, fast-paced tracks might be fitting. However, quieter, more strategic moments could benefit from subtler, ambient music. Experimenting with different instruments and beats can help creators find the perfect balance.
  • Legal considerations: If you decide to share your own music beyond your content or offer it to other creators, understanding the basics of copyright law is crucial. Registering your work can protect it from unauthorized use and ensure you receive proper credit when others use your tracks.

Adhering to copyright laws and ensuring compliance when using music in PUBG content is essential for maintaining the integrity of the work and avoiding legal complications.

Here are key considerations for content creators:

  • Verifying copyright status: Always verify the copyright status of music before using it in your content. Utilize reliable sources for non-copyright music and read the terms of use carefully. If in doubt, consult legal advice or reach out to the copyright holder for permission.
  • Understanding terms and conditions: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the music you plan to use. Some tracks may be free for personal use but require a license for commercial purposes. Attribution is also a common requirement, so ensure proper credit is given to the creators.
  • Dealing with copyright claims and disputes: If you face a copyright claim or dispute on platforms like YouTube, respond promptly and appropriately. If you’ve used music within its legal guidelines, you could dispute the claim by providing the necessary licenses or proof of non-copyright status.

By meticulously selecting non-copyright music, creating original compositions, or navigating the legal landscape of music usage, PUBG content creators can enhance their gaming experiences and engage their audience without infringing on copyright laws.

The subsequent sections will delve into practical case studies and conclude with strategic advice for successfully integrating music into gaming content.

Case studies

Examining real-life examples can provide valuable insights into how non-copyright music enhances PUBG content and the impact it can have on a creator’s success and viewer engagement.

Let’s delve into a couple of case studies:

Case study 1: The rising streamer

A PUBG streamer, who started with a modest following, decided to incorporate a variety of energetic and suspenseful non-copyright music tracks into his live streams.

By carefully selecting music that matched the intensity of the game’s various phases—parachuting, looting, and the final circle—he created a more immersive and engaging experience for his viewers.

The streamer credited platforms like the Free Music Archive and used the YouTube Audio Library to source his tracks, ensuring to comply with attribution requirements.

Over time, his unique blend of high-stakes gameplay and carefully curated music attracted a larger audience, significantly increasing his followers and viewer engagement.

Case study 2: The content creator duo

A duo known for creating cinematic PUBG montage videos started composing their own background scores to match the high-octane action of their gameplay.

Their original compositions, inspired by the suspense and unpredictability of PUBG matches, resonated well with their audience, setting their content apart from others.

The duo shared their music-making process in behind-the-scenes videos, further engaging their community.

Their approach not only circumvented copyright issues but also established a distinct brand identity through music.


Music plays a pivotal role in enhancing the PUBG gaming experience, whether for players engrossed in the game or viewers enjoying content online.

The careful selection, creation, or incorporation of non-copyright music can significantly elevate the quality of gaming content, making it more engaging, enjoyable, and unique.

Content creators must navigate the complexities of copyright laws with diligence, ensuring their music choices enrich their content without infringing upon the rights of others.

By leveraging the wealth of available non-copyright music, respecting legal guidelines, and possibly even creating original compositions, creators can offer viewers an immersive auditory experience that complements the visual thrill of PUBG.

The process of selecting or creating the perfect soundtrack for gaming content is both an artistic and strategic endeavor that, when executed well, can contribute to a creator’s success and distinctiveness in the digital landscape.

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