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Last Night
On my Rhythm
Paradise Sand

If you were asked what words come to mind when you hear “ukulele” what would you say? Hawaii, good vibes, calm, harmony… However, one of them is not entirely correct.

Although the ukulele is a widely used instrument in places like Hawaii or Tahiti, its origin is Portuguese, more specifically, it derives from cavaquinho, an instrument created by Portuguese immigrants in Hawaii in the 1980s and has characteristics similar to the Spanish guitar. Hawaiians chose to name it “ukulele” because it means “jumping thumb”, referring to how musicians move their fingers through strings and frets.

The use and popularity of this instrument underwent ups and downs (notably its prohibition during World War II), until in the 1990s it reached its peak, continuing its fame to this day.

Thus, the ukulele is related to cheerful rhythms, happy and quiet music, generating a warm and fun atmosphere. Examples of songs known and performed by this instrument are “Somewhere over the rainbow” or “I m yours”.

What are the characteristics of the Ukulele?

For its physical characteristics (small size, few strings and frets) and functional (simple use, modest chords) the ukulele is an instrument that can be played by anyone of any age; both a young child and an older person can enjoy their harmony.

We can find four different types of ukulele: soprano, concerto, tenor and baritone; the latter being the one that sounds most serious because of the amplitude of its resonance box. Even so, if there is something that defines and characterizes them all is its peculiar and calm sound that teleports to a very quiet place, such as the beach.

There are songs that have been written specifically to be performed with ukuleles, but, after all, almost all can be covered with this instrument. When playing it, there are no right or wrong sounds, as long as it is well tuned, as it is a very sensitive instrument to intense strumming and bass.

Is there a single use of the ukulele?

The answer to this question is a clear and resounding no. While it is common for this instrument to be used to set different situations and have a pleasant time, there are many more scenes in which this instrument can be played.

As we said before, even a child with not much musical knowledge can make use of the ukulele thanks to the simplicity and ease of learning it provides. In fact, in many schools, it has been implemented as an educational method for the development of skills and abilities, such as hearing or concentration.

In addition, its innocent and daring melody can be seen at the same time in children’s commercials or in audiovisual projects aimed at minors.

On the other hand, it is closely linked with feelings and emotions, because it can generate, with music that evokes, nervousness and impatience; but also to enjoy very quiet moments, such as loneliness.

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As you may have noticed, the ukulele is an instrument whose music can be used as a background for any type of multimedia project.

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