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Black Hole
Shining Shadow
The Darkest White

Techno or electronic music is, as its name suggests, a dance music genre that uses electronic music technology for its production, specifically, devices such as computers and sound synthesizers. Its origins date back to the mid-1980s in Detroit, United States, as one of the branches of house music that was disconnected from nightclubs and large audiences, coinciding, at this time, with the invention of different devices linked to music, such as the phonograph.

It is remarkable the fact that it arose thanks to a group of singers who wanted to break away from normal harmonic thinking (as a form of rebellion against technical absolutism as well), achieving that, at the end of the 19th century, this type of music reached the market, growing and expanding rapidly into different areas; it is currently used by artists in concerts to fan the flame of the spectators.

What is Techno music like?

Electronic music is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and intense forms of music alongside rock. It uses instruments such as electric guitars, drums and pianos, which are then amplified and modified with electronic mechanisms. It also has much more powerful rhythms than any other musical genre, which inevitably incites the listener to dance (which is why this type of music is often played at parties and is especially associated with young people).

In addition, it is very common that the voice is not used, so it is not primarily intended to evoke certain emotions in the people who listen to it, but rather to motivate, empower and liberate through dance as a form of expression.

The ceiling continues to advance every day since it originated thanks to the almost daily development of new computer technologies, giving rise to ever-new and different styles of electronic music.

Use of techno as background music

Although electronic music is mostly played at festivals and meetings, there are other uses for it; thanks to its intensity, it can motivate people while they are doing sports and help them to perform better in training. It is also important to say that it brings health benefits, since, according to numerous studies, listening to techno leads to a better synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres: it improves memory and facilitates socialization.

On the other hand, their use in multimedia projects through copyright-free songs is inevitable. They are often heard in the background of commercials, film scenes, as well as in business projects, as their rhythmic force enlivens any multimedia resource.

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