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Pop music, although nowadays considered a musical genre, was historically a term, coming from English (“pop music”, a contraction of “popular music”), which encompassed a wide variety of musical styles frequently listened to by society, especially by those with little musical culture.

Thus, in the mid-twentieth century, elements of various styles such as rock and roll, gospel or soul (even rap or hip hop) were fused together and “pop music” became its name. From 1950 onwards, the term came to be used to describe a genre aimed at a particularly young population; and from 1967 onwards, it was used as an alternative to rock music, as a more commercial music.

In Spain, their songs arrived in the sixties, during a period of important economic growth for the country, in the form of fun and modernity. Thus, they reached their peak in the eighties, with the Movida Madrileña.

What are the characteristics of pop music?

Firstly, pop songs are fairly short in length, between two and a half and three minutes, with a fairly noticeable and steady beat and a verse-chorus-stanza lyrical structure. The melody also tends to be simple and catchy, blending harmoniously with the verse, which usually revolves around light-hearted themes, such as romantic and young love.

As for the instrumentation, the drums and the guitar take the leading role (together with the use of vocals). However, the sounds emitted by the keyboard and bass can also be perceived, accompanied by the use of the synthesizer. Like any other musical genre, its characteristics vary and adapt to new technological advances.

Pop artists are remarkable, as they are people who often stand out from the rest, either because of their physical attractiveness, their defined personality or their extravagant clothing. As we all know, the greatest exponent is Michael Jackson, also known as the “King of Pop”.

Royalty-free pop music

Pop music is the most successful genre of music worldwide, due to its degree of commerciality and accessibility, but at the same time, it is criticized for not having enough emotional value and artistic ambition, as it seeks financial reward as its main goal.

However, there are several uses for this type of music, especially royalty-free pop music. On the one hand, thanks to the short duration of its songs, it can be used as background music for videos; on the other hand, because of its catchy melody, it is of interest for commercials, being a useful tool to capture the audience’s attention. Pop songs can also be heard in short films, as they are ideal for exciting and daring scenes.

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