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Good Days
Morning Light
Yellow Sunshine

Do you think that joyful music is the one that causes an effect on people of happiness and enthusiasm? You’re right; you don’t need a precise knowledge of musicality to understand what joyful music suggests, because, automatically, the words well-being or joy come to mind.

We ask you to imagine that the song “I feel good” by James Brown is playing. Now, recognize the emotions that generate you: state of excitement, acceleration of the heart, happiness… At the same time, it makes you feel confident or don’t you think you’re the king of the dance floor?

Music has a direct relationship with the emotions and behavior of human beings, trapping us and enveloping us in its melody. It makes us connect with our feelings, even modifying our mood. In this way, joyful music causes anguish and fear to be reduced, while the desire to explore and play increases.

Most of these songs are composed of clear lyrics, so they can be heard correctly, understood, and sung. They are usually composed of moderate and fast times, with high and high registers, depending on the approach of each author to his theme. Although it is a well-known genre of music, it is not known exactly when it originated.

Creativity and joyful music

In these complex and changing times, one of the qualities that are essential is creativity, because it allows generating innovative solutions for various problems through the flexibility of thought.

Numerous studies have shown that music has benefits in cognition, more specifically in creative cognition. All people, not just artists, possess the ability to generate original ideas, called “divergent thinking”. This is put into practice when listening to joyful music, fostering the ability to propose different solutions from different perspectives to the same problem.

Royalty-free background cheerful music

If you are looking to attract an audience, arouse the interest of the customer and capture their attention**, this is the most suitable type of music**. Their songs have striking and simple titles, with a clear message and a contagious rhythm. As background music, cheerful music creates a perfect, tuned atmosphere.

Its use is very frequent in multimedia content: in movie scenes to intensify the emotion of the characters and empathize with them, in ceremonies and celebrations such as birthdays or weddings… One of the most common uses is in advertising.

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