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Ambient Royalty-Free Music

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A Drop in Nowhere
A Drop in the Desert
Easy Going
Rhythm of Shadows
Sound of Niagara

Ambient music, New Age, mood music… There are several names that are linked to this type of music, but, in reality, it is nothing more than elevator or meeting music.

This genre is composed of simple, catchy and relaxed melodies; hence it is also called “easy-listening“. The harmonizations are simple, with cycles that are repeated; and the little conspicuous instrumentation, usually accompanied by sounds of nature to get the listeners involved in a state of relaxation and calm.

Its origin dates back to the late 70’s, reaching its peak in the 80’s. This style developed from swing and elaborate music for big band (jazz orchestra); evolving over the years to become a more danceable and rhythmic form of music.

One of the big names in ambient music is Brian Eno, a renowned musical artist who founded the British pop group, Roxy Music; and, responsible for, in 1970, changing the perception of a boring music genre to a captivating one. It is also credited with giving name to “calm music, music that to dye the atmosphere of the place where it is played“.

Why is its use so frequent?

There are many activities and situations that are accompanied by this type of music: during reading a good book or while painting a painting; in the waiting room of a medical service or even in an office. The reason? That this type of music is specially designed to induce balance and peace, being ideal to play it in the background during tasks that require imagination and creativity.

On the other hand, in addition to its influence on emotions, highlights its relationship with sales in stores: more and more locals use ambient music to please customers and improve their shopping experience, avoiding the feeling of stress that usually accompanies us day by day.

Royalty-free environmental background music

The ambient music, thanks to its homogeneous texture, can be used in almost any area and loophole of everyday life, since it adapts perfectly to the conditions and characteristics of the environment in which it is played.

If you are looking for music without copyright, instrumental or with soft voices, and little intrusive, you are in the right place. From Legis Music we offer you a variety of songs within this style so you can select the one that best suits your project.

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