No monthly payments. Pay once, get the music for life!


With our music licensing model, you will never have to worry about royalties or claims again in the future.

Background Music

You will have peace of mind from now on when uploading your videos to major platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Since the beginning, many years ago, stock music has been put on a level below commercial music. From the economical point of view of the author can make sense:

Why I should dedicate a lot of resources and time to a song that is quite similar to hundreds of others and it’s going to be placed just in one video or advertisement?”

Well, we’re here to change this statement.

We believe that the quality of stock music doesn’t have to be different from the famous and commercial songs that we hear every day on iTunes, Youtube and Spotify.

Why has to? Unlicensed music is used in very important projects, like advertising for major brands, movies released in cinemas, radio and television, among many other little projects that also deserve the best possible quality at fair prices. Our aim is to create uncopyrighted music mixed and produced in the most professional way possible, like the art it is.

This kind of music doesn’t have to be expensive or cheap, it has to have a price that matches the author’s effort in creating it. And $50 for a lifetime subscription sounds right to us.

And you pay this only once a month, not every time your video/advertisement is shown. So, if you compare it with a single song on iTunes for example, that costs $0.99, it seems expensive, but this comparison has no sense because while your iTunes song is just for your own listening, the royalty-free song is going to be used in another end product that can reach millions of people and (even) make money.

So, royalty-free music is not an end product, just a piece of another bigger one.

How much does business software costs? Or footage? Or a premium WordPress theme?

You can compare the license prices to those products.

Even the most expensive monthly subscriptions are really cheap when you think about it: you can use the music in a TV advertisement or a big movie!… while hiring a composer or a band will cost you thousands of dollars.

Prices of royalty-free music are low because of scalability: the Internet has allowed us, musicians, to store and distribute easily any song to thousands of potential buyers and sell many licenses for a single unit (song). If everyone knew the work that’s behind it, they would say that it is really cheap.

Yes, royalty-free music is licensed, instead of simply purchased or being under Creative Commons licenses. This gives you, as a professional, peace of mind when it comes to using any of our songs in your client’s projects.

But don’t worry, it’s easy, now you can determine in less than 1-minute what kind of license your project needs. It would depend mostly if your intended use is Personal or Professional.

And if you need any help… we’re here.