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musica ambiente para consultorio Many businesses require having waiting rooms for their patients.

In a doctor’s office, music plays a much more important role than in other businesses, since the reason why patients tend to go to this type of consultation is usually to solve a health problem.

And as we will see in this article, when it comes to creating a positive perception of service in the patient, it is not only important to solve the problem, but also the way in which the problem is solved.

The reason behind playing background music in your doctor’s office

The main reason why music plays a very important role in any medical center is to diminish that initial feeling of anxiety of every visitor.

As a general rule, when someone goes to the doctor or dentist, they are afraid of something: pain, injections, anesthetics or simply that they will find some new problem in any daily check-up.

It is on that stage that music must come in to help patients calm down just before they are seen by any doctor.

Those are the best options when placing background music easily:

PlatformMusic TypePriceLink
SOUNDTRACK YOUR BRANDWell-known and famous songs$34.99/month per location
CLOUD COVER MUSICWell-known and famous songsFrom $16.95/month per location

musica de fondo para consultorios medicos However, this sound element is not only capable of creating a certain atmosphere, but also of increasing positivism and improving the mood of patients.

In this way, you will find not only calmer and more relaxed patients, but also clients with a better attitude and predisposition to be treated.

Nor can you ignore the fact that music is capable of helping enormously in the creation of a strong and solid brand image.

And the creation of a consolidated image and good positioning is essential to get patients back to your medical center and also to help create a positive word of mouth, so you can spend less on advertising in the long run.

musica para consulta de fisioterapiaMusic also helps you express yourself better, which will make patients explain their problems better to the doctors in the practice and, therefore, the doctor will be able to recommend better treatment.

However, the effects of music are not only felt by patients, but also by doctors, who will be able to communicate their diagnosis more fluently and comprehensibly.

The importance of this sound element is also due to its ability to convey a sense of companionship in patients, which will make them rarely feel alone.

musica de fondo clinica dental In order to put an end to the relevance of music in medical practices, what is known as music therapy , a technique based on using music as a treatment to solve and cure health problems that patients may have, is becoming more and more important.

Many investigations have been able to demonstrate the effects of this musical element in some patients.

These are some of them:

  • Helps in the healing of wounds (highly recommended for post-operative surgery). - It favors the good functioning of cerebral activity (an increase of neuronal communication). - It reduces phobias, such as fear, and reduces blood pressure (highly recommended for hypertensive patients).

Where to get the music?

Here are two of the main platforms that will allow you to manage the background music in your center in a very simple way:

Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand , is soundtrack your brand logo y nombre negroa music management platform that offers an infinite number of features.

It’s as simple as trying their online service to access:

  • A huge number of songs available (over 300 soundtracks updated daily with over 10,000 new songs) - To be able to program the songs or playlists in determining schedules of the day - Use of the platform via web or app - Suitable music for each type of business and automatic updating to avoid saturation of customers and employees - Possibility of remote control via smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop - Available for operating systems such as Android, iOS or Windows
  • No need to have an Internet connection to play music.

What are their prices?

Currently, the price is $34.99/month per location in the USA and Canada.

If your medical clinic is not located in these areas, we recommend that you take a look at their pricing page to make sure you know what the subscription costs at your location.

In addition, today they are offering a free one-month trial period so you can see if their solution is right for you, without any kind of commitment.

Cloud Cover Music

Cloud Cover Music  is cloud-cover-music-licensing-logoa platform very similar to the previous one, but it operates only in the United States and Canada.

It also offers well-known artist music and famous songs.

It has different types of licenses but the one we are interested in is the so-called ‘Music Plan’, which will allow you to have access to and use in an unlimited way the music broadcasted in more than 200 online stations.

In addition, Cloud Cover Music is currently offering a free 2-week trial period without providing any bank details in advance.

So you can try their service without any commitment.


soundsuit-logo-1It is the biggest competitor of the two previous platforms.

Although SoundSuit offers a similar service, its main difference lies in one word: simplicity. Let me explain.

This platform has the “Digital Music Assistance”, intelligent software that manages the music in your practice in an autonomous and automated way, simplifying its management to the maximum.

And it does so quickly and easily.

As soon as you register, you will have to provide data such as the type of business you have, its position in the market, the characteristics of your regular patients and their usual mood.

Once these parameters are established, the platform will start playing the perfect music for your medical office.

You no longer have to worry about managing it and you can focus on what really matters: caring for your patients.

In addition to the above, the SoundSuit service offers the following advantages:

  • International licenses (BMI-ASCAP, GEMA, SACEM, PRS-PPL, etc.). - Intelligent music assistant that adapts your behavior and tastes by updating playlists autonomously in your medical office. - Remote control through an app that you can use from any device, whether it is a mobile, tablet or laptop. - Playlists are updated every day to avoid providing boring soundtracks to your patients and staff. - Certified Sonos partner, so they work natively with any of the brand’s devices and applications

And what is the pricing?

SoundSuit offers all these benefits at a very competitive price of $24.99/month per location (if you choose to pay annually) or $29.99/month per location if you prefer to pay monthly.

However, they are offering a completely free trial month so that you can benefit from all their services at zero cost for 30 days.

This way you can find out if this is the platform you were looking for.

Brands such as Fitbox, Nestlé, Design Hotels or Audi found that it was indeed the ideal platform to sound their establishments.

What about you?

Do you also want to have peace of mind and dedicate your time to your business? Visit their website and try it out without any commitment.

How to use the music element properly in your health center?

Once I’ve made clear the importance of music in medical offices, I’ll explain how to manage the music in order to maximize its effects.

musica instrumental para consulta One of the first recommendations is to use music with a not too high rhythm and tone, as remember that one of the things you should look for is the creation of a calm atmosphere.

In that sense, classical music is highly recommended, as it is the perfect genre to create a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

However, do not always use the same genre, as it is ideal to intersperse different types of music to avoid saturating workers and patients.

The fact of using one musical genre or another will depend a lot on the area of the office and also on the time of day, since it is not the same to talk about the waiting room and the doctor’s own consultation, just as it is not the same to talk about relaxed patients who come in the morning and stressed clients who come in the afternoon after work.

musica para consultas medicas The volume is also a very important aspect since it must be adjusted in such a way that it can be heard without problems, but also in such a way that it does not hinder communication between workers and patients.

In addition, the music must also be in perfect harmony with other aspects such as decoration and furniture, in which comfortable seats should never be missing so that patients can wait and have more easiness when meditating.


With this article, I hope I have made clear both the importance of music for any health or dental clinic and the proper way to manage this sound element in this type of business.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use the music more to calm your patients or to make your workers do their job optimally, because the important thing is simply that you decide to take the step to use it. musica para consultorios odontologicos

Over time I am sure that this not very high investment will bring more revenue to your medical office or clinic, as well as a better brand image.

With platforms like the ones we’ve been talking about:  Soundtrack Your Brand and Cloud Cover Music from now on managing this element is something much simpler.

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