JohnRosso: Elite Author 4 years after joining AudioJungle

Young traveler and musician, Evgeny Natalchenko, also known as JohnRosso, has reached the status of Elite Author (more than $75,000 on sales) 4 years after his registration on AudioJungle and 1 year after deciding to make a living only with his music.

He has an interesting story to share with us, so let’s dig deep on his way!


-Hello, Evgeny, very nice to have you in here! Less than one month ago you reached the Elite status on AudioJungle, but it was in June 2012 when you registered here. How you discovered this amazing marketplace and why you decided to upload your first song?

EVGENY:  Hello, thanks for having me! In June 2012 I finished my school and I knew that I needed to find a way to get money with music. So, researching a bit I found stock music. It was the ideal thing for me because I could make and upload anything I wanted. I registered accounts on many different sites around the Internet and only on AudioJunge in the first week I sold 5 licenses! Then I decided immediately to became exclusive AudioJungle author and I deleted all the other accounts.

-We know you were very young at that time. You thought you could make a living from the day one or it was later on that you realized this fact?

EVGENY: I realized this fact in July 2015. From 2012 to 2015 I was making all different kind of music. Sometimes I wanted to be a DJ and EDM producer (actually I was a ghost producer for some artists) and other times I wanted to be a producer to make pop records and be able to hear my music on the radio. But it doesn’t work out that way, I realized that I needed to choose my own path in music, to set goals and have a plan.

But for me, having so many options in front, it was really hard to choose. So, finally in March 2015 I decided to be a full-time AudioJungle author and make a living from it. My goal at that time was to have 200 items uploaded till the end of the year. I was working very hard on that goal and, in July I could afford to travel to Sri-Lanka with the money I earned on AJ.

Only when I was there, I realized I could make a living from royalty-free music.

-You first registered as JohnMcNeill and later you changed it to JohnRosso. What’s the reason for choosing this artistical names?

EVGENY: Rosso is my mother’s birth name. I love my mother and respect the family, so I decide to choose this one 🙂

-Which ones had been your very best days in AudioJungle? Tell us about the moments you will always remember.

EVGENY: I remember in January 2013 my track “Electro Mouse” had been featured. Previously I’ve had no clue how cool it is to be featured 🙂 so I enjoyed it a lot and, in the same year, my track “Fashion Show” was selected to be in Video Production Bundle.

I remember also in July 2015, while I was in Sri-Lanka my track reached the Popular Files page! That was cool!

-And the worsts? Did you felt discouraged at some time and think about quitting and doing anything else?

EVGENY: I’ve never felt this way actually. The thing I love about AudioJungle is being able to upload any kind of good music. Back to 2012 I was heavily into EDM and once a reviewer left a comment for one approved track saying something like “Hey, this is not Beatport, AudioJungle is for background music :)”. I kept doing what I like to do anyway!

-We saw that you like to travel a lot. Do you find inspiration in your travels or they are a way to disconnect from the musical routine?

EVGENY: Yes. Actually, my last trip lasted a month, so I decided to bring a mobile travel setup with me (MacBook Pro, guitalele, mic and audio interface) because all these new places bring me a lot of inspiration. They bring vibes. Traveling around the world it’s a magical thing and I don’t want to miss it.

-Let’s talk a little about the tools you use to produce. What’s your setup?

EVGENY: Currently I have an RME Babyface Pro as my audio interface. Focal Twin 6Be and Sennheiser HD600 are my monitoring. Last year I built my custom PC with lots of SSD and i7 4790K for heavy cinematic projects. I’ve been using a lot of different audio interfaces, monitors, and an expensive outboard gear (which I sold because software is a winner in the game). So I ended up with my current set up and experience.


-Do you have any favorite instruments to play?

EVGENY: I don’t. Sometimes I get tired of the electric guitar and I play Ukulele. And then, when I get tired of it I play bass. I like them all.

-And what are your musical influences?

johnrosso-guitarEVGENY: After I heard Panic! At The Disco I loved music immediately. There was something inside me that told me that this is what I had to do with my life. When I got my first electric guitar and I started learning all the Chilli Peppers records, because I really like John Frusciante style. OneRepublic, Skrillex, Benny Blanco and Max Martin are my other main influences.

-What genres and styles did you intend to build your portfolio on and why?

EVGENY: I was into acoustic folk when I decided to become a full-time composer for AudioJungle. Then, little by little, I started learning how to create good corporate tracks and cinematic inspiring music because it is the most selling kind of music in the marketplace, although it was not easy for me.

I love guitars and rock bands, and I make a lot of indie rock music too 🙂

-Do you have any more personal or professional projects apart from AJ that you want to share with us? What are your next goals in AudioJungle and in life?

EVGENY: I don’t have any projects apart from AudioJungle right now. My next goal is to get the Envato Elite Care Pack 😀 Besides that, I want to travel more often and learn surfing.

-And the last one, as always, for the newcomer authors on Audiojungle. Almost every one of them wants to make a living from what they love, but most of them are not sure that they can make it. Any advice for them?

EVGENY: Find yourself first. And then set goals that motivate you. Make a plan to achieve goals and stick with it.

Seems easy, right?

// Being a backpacker myself previously in my life, I can understand perfectly how traveling has inspired Evgeny to go and make true his own dreams. He’s an example for anyone joining AudioJungle these days: with patience and focus you can achieve anything! Even if you’re not sure at the beginning on wich way to follow with your life, you’re always on time to start working and do it. Thank you very much Evgeny for sharing your insights with us! // 

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