Background music is an element that is often used when preparing any type of video, film, audiobook, presentation, conference, application, and even tutorial, among many other formats.

Background songs par excellence are often characterized by having no lyrics.

This type of sound content is known as instrumental music and, as its name indicates, is produced by the sound of musical instruments.

Where to get the music?

Today I’m bringing you several platforms dedicated to the sale of music without lyrics in a legal way, that is, with their respective licenses of use.

Legis Music

legis music logoWhile we will name later other platforms on which to get this music, we would first like to highlight a new feature we have introduced in Legis Music:

Launch of three exclusive plans in 2023

We consider it vitally important that our customers can access royalty-free music easily and cheaply.

Therefore, these plans have been designed so that you only have to pay once to get them, allowing you to enjoy unlimited songs for life and have the peace of mind of not having to worry about copyright claims in the future.

Thus, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs:

  1. Starter Plan. In this case, it is the most recommended for using the songs for personal and home videos. It also allows you to use the music in all social networks and on any web page. The only condition is to credit in every publication.
  2. Personal Plan. If you are looking to get numerous songs to use in your personal projects, this is the license for you. The Personal Plan offers unlimited music downloads, which can be used in social networks and streaming platforms, YouTube, apps, video games and audio books; as well as podcasts, virtual classes and online ads. Its price is $49 in a single payment and for life -if you use it for 3 years, it will be like paying $1/month-.
  3. Business Plan. This plan is specially designed for freelancers, companies and those who work for clients. It is the most open license of all, as any use case is covered and it also offers unlimited music (the only thing that is not allowed is to resell the songs). Its price is a one-time payment of $99 for life -if you use it for 2 years, it will be like paying $4/month.

As you can see, if there is one thing that makes our licenses stand out, it is the opportunity to enjoy them forever and paying only once.

Below is a table with the three plans and their respective prices.

  Starter Plan Personal Plan Business Plan
Price Free $49 for life $99  for life

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic-Sound-new-logoEpidemic Sound is a platform that has a library with more than 300,000 songs.

They decided to launch a subscription that actually fits the need for any vlogger or Youtuber and offers the following:

  • Large number and genres of songs and sound effects.
  • All music is royalty-free.
  • Video monetization is allowed.
  • Constant updating of the music library.
  • Forget royalties forever.
  • Cancellation at any time.

What’s their price? Its price will depend on your type of usage:

License Price
Personal $15/month
Commercial $49/month

In addition, if you want to test the platform without any commitment, they are now offering a trial period of 30 days completely free of charge.


Audiojungle is a marketplace dedicated to the sale of music and sound effects with their respective licenses of use.

Therefore, you should not worry at any time about the copyright of this sound content.

As well as you should not worry about the abusive fees of the PRO (Performance Rights Organization) of every country (BMI, ASCAP or SESAC in the US, PPL-PRS in the UK…).

One of the main benefits of this platform is in the way to classify its content, since this sorting is done according to thematic, according to the target audience, according to musical genre, according to the type of instrument…

So, I’m talking about a platform that has a large number of filters and with which you will surely find the ideal background music for your project.

In addition, its music is characterized by not having lyrics, so you’ll find perfect songs to be used as background.

Audiojungle music licenses

Audiojungle offers also the possibility of listening to small pieces of songs, so you can know what kind of song it is each one.

In fact, it allows you to download the entire song for free, though – with a watermark -, so you can be sure when making the purchase of any song or sound effect.

What are their prices?

One of the main advantages of Audiojungle is that once you have paid for a song, you can use it as many times as you want.

Currently, the platform offers two types of licenses for songs.

The choice will depend directly on the results obtained with your project:

License Type Price
Standard Until 10.000 copies, sales or downloads Between $26 and $29 per license
Mass reproduction Unlimited copies, sales or downloads Between $15 and $150/monthly per subscription

In this way, if you are starting from scratch with your project, personally, I would recommend the Standard license and, if you see that your project starts getting results of visits or downloads much higher, you could begin to consider obtaining the Mass Reproduction license.

As for the prices of the sound effects, these are completely different:

License Type Price
Standard Can be used only for one project Between $1 and $5 per license
Multi-use Can be used for different projects Between $3 and $15 per license

Why use music without lyrics for your project?canciones de fondo

If you ask anyone if it is better to use music without lyrics or with lyrics, they will probably respond by choosing one type or another according to their own preferences.

However, the choice of one type of music or another is mainly based on avoiding the simultaneous reproduction of the voices of the narrator of a video or audiobook, or of an interlocutor of a conference or presentation, with that of the artist of the song in question.

Therefore, opting for music without lyrics what you will be doing is to achieve a perfect combination of music with the voice of the narrator, being this second element ideally understandable by your viewers or public.

musica sin voz para videosHowever, instrumental music is not only recommended when it has to be combined simultaneously with a person’s voice, since even when there is no voice, but you can also use it perfectly with the aim of making the audience pay more attention to the visual elements.

Also, while songs with lyrics tend to have a more direct and clearer message, instrumental music has a slightly more diluted meaning.

Despite this somewhat more blurred message, their ability to provoke emotions and invite introspection and self-reflection is, as a general rule, considerably greater than that of songs with lyrics, in which everything is usually much more evident.

If your project requires the audience to take action and interact more directly with your content, instrumental music would be ideal to connect more with the audience, have more possibilities to generate emotions, and get it to interact more or less directly with your content.

What other aspects should you take into account when managing this sound element?

The budget is usually one of the main influences when making a decision to manage the background music of any project.

As we’ve seen before, you can get music without lyrics using the Epidemic Sound and Premium Beat platforms, but they’re not the only method.

You can also get this type of music through Creative Commons free licenses.

There are 6 groups of licenses of this type:

  • BY: any commercial use of the content and possible derivations are permitted.
  • BY-SA: Any commercial use and possible variations are permitted, although the distribution of the content must be done with a license equal to that of the original content.
  • BY-ND: Commercial or non-commercial use is permitted, but the original content must be circulated in full and unchanged. Derivations from the original content are not permitted.
  • BY-NC: Only non-commercial use of the original content and possible variations are permitted.
  • BY-NC-SA: Only non-commercial use of the original content and its possible derivations is permitted and, in addition, the distribution must be made under the same license as the original content.
  • BY-NC-ND: Only the download of the content and the fact of sharing it is allowed, as long as it is very clear the artist or record company owner. No variations or commercial use may be made of the content.

As you can see, when trying to reduce costs with these types of licenses, the restrictions can be many, and the most likely thing is that you can not use them in any serious project, but only in small personal projects.

Also, the songs obtained through Creative Commons licenses have a rather low quality, which makes them not a highly recommended option.

Another option would be to hire a composer to create music without lyrics for your project, although in this case, the opposite happens to Creative Commons licenses: the quality of the music is very high, but so are its costs.

Your target audience is also an aspect that you must take into account when choosing one type of background music or another, as the tastes and personalities are not the same in a 20-year-old as in a 50-year-old adult.

This target audience can not only be defined through age, as there are many other aspects that can influence: nationality, work, place of residence, interests…

If it’s true that your songs will be characterized by no lyrics, even more important will be the tones and rhythms of your music.

So, it’s essential that you listen to the whole song to know if there are changes of tone, to find out where they are and, finally, ask if these can fit in any way with your project.

It is highly recommended that, when thinking about the project, you also think about a piece of specific music to use or, at least, about a specific type of song, as this way you will avoid encountering possible problems of coherence later on. musica instrumental descargar

The synchronization between your project and the music must be perfect. In that sense, you should not only take into account the tone and rhythm of the music but also aspects such as volume.

The volume of your music without lyrics will depend to a great extent on whether it is played simultaneously with the voice of the narrator – then the volume must be lower so that the words are perfectly understandable -, or without any kind of sonorous accompaniment – the volume can be a little higher, because with the lack of words the music acquires more importance -.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account the input and output effects that you want your songs to have when appearing and disappearing from your project, since these moments are also very important when it comes to provoking sensations and emotions in the audience.


In short, I think that the importance of music without lyrics for any project has become quite clear.

Everybody usually knows when a project needs background music, but the problem is not this; the question is to know which type of song is the most suitable for this somewhat more secondary sound function.

Music without lyrics is perfect as a background, as it is capable of transmitting a lot and quite unconsciously, without ever overlapping with the main voice of the narrator or presenter.

There are many platforms dedicated to the sale of songs with their respective licenses, but if what you are looking for is the perfect music to work as background in your project, Epidemic Sound is one of the best options on the market.

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Need background Music?

Visit our own royalty-free music library with the easiest licenses that you will find out there.

✔️  Unlimited downloads

✔️  Lifetime license

✔️  New music monthly

✔️  All use cases covered

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