If you think of sectors in which promotional videos are taking on great importance, many of them will come to mind: marketing, education, real estate, etc.

However, if there is one sector where visual content is essential to make your company known, it is travel agencies.

Currently, 80% of the trips that are carried out have been planned and contracted through the Internet.

In addition, as Google demonstrates in its study about touristic trends, 70% of those who plan their trip on the Internet go to YouTube for guidance.

In fact, once they have decided on the destination, more than 64% also use this social network to see what to do and what to see in the chosen place.

This data makes clear two things:

  1. The times when people went to the local travel agency to plan their holidays have passed into a better life.
  2. When an agency wants to sell a package there is no better way than through a promotional video.

canciones para videos de viajesDoing it this way will give more visibility and diffusion to the agency because the video is the most shared content on social networks, something that exponentially increases the impact of the content we want to promote.

Music has copyright. Respect it! For the video to be accepted and shared it needs an essential element.

Without this component, the video will lose all its appeal and will not help you achieve your goals.

Therefore, you must pay attention to it and give it the importance it requires to engage your audience.

This ingredient is music.

Music is the key element for your promotional video to engage your potential customers.

According to a study published in Nature Neuroscience magazine in 2011, music can produce feelings of pleasure, improve mood, and even cause happiness.

Can you imagine making your audience feel these feelings and associating them with your travel agency? Let’s see how.

Music has copyright. Respect it!

The vast majority of the music we listen to on a daily basis, whether on YouTube, Spotify, radio or television is protected by so-called copyright.

Copyright is the exclusive right of an author, publisher or music label to exploit a literary, scientific or artistic work for a certain period of time.

copyright-musica-libre-derechos-autor-That is to say, the only ones who can reproduce a song are the singers themselves and the record companies that have their rights.

If you, me, or anyone else wants to use that same song legally, you must:

  • Ask permission from the owners to use it
  • Purchase the rights of that song for a limited period of time

In most cases, companies or authors do not transfer the rights to their songs free of charge, you must pay for it in order to use it.

In fact, you have to pay a lot of money that few people are willing to assume.

Other people prefer to take the risky path of illegally using copyrighted songs.
It is undoubtedly the worst option to choose, as you risk being sued and asked for large sums of money, as well as legal and criminal liability.

To avoid falling into this kind of situation and doing things in a legal and economic way, it is best to choose royalty-free music on the Internet.

Copyright-free Music for Travel Agencies

Luckily, there are now several websites where you can find Royalty-Free music.

This type of platform provides you with a large number of top-quality music tracks while allowing you to be comfortable against any kind of problem.

From all these platforms we have filtered and chosen the ones that best fit your needs.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic SoundEpidemic-Sound-new-logo is a Swedish company that sells musical licenses without copyright.

It is one of the oldest in the sector – it was created in 2009 – and also their audio library is one of the largest with more than 30,000 songs and more than 60,000 sound effects.

They have a monthly license for creators of audiovisual content -called ‘Persona Subscription’-, which offers the following advantages:

  • Unlimited downloads during the subscription
  • New songs every week
  • You can share and monetize videos on different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc).
  • Downloads to any device, whether smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Absolute peace of mind: no royalty claims or royalty payments.

How much does it cost?

Once you have the video edited, you will have to upload it to YouTube to get a better diffusion.

Epidemic Sound sets different prices depending on your usage.

Therefore, you will have to choose one subscription plan or another:

Plan Price Link
Personal $15/month
Commercial $49/month

However, you are lucky.

Epidemic Sound is currently offering an unbeatable promotion: a 30-day completely free trial.

This way, you will be able to test the platform without any commitment.



Audiojungle is another of the most used platforms on the Internet when it comes to buying music without copyright. audiojungles-licenses

Between songs and sound effects, this service offers almost half a million royalty-free music tracks, which can be classified by genre, tempo or duration.

Audiojungle is a tremendously intuitive platform due to its great search engine.

With it, there will be no track that resists you and you will be able to find the music that better fits with the content of your video.

Depending on your requirements, Audiojungle will offer you different types of licenses.

For example, if you are looking for licenses for songs, you may find the following:

License Type Price
Standard Up to 10,000  copies, sales or downloads Between $26 and $29 per license
Mass Reproduction Unlimited copies, sales or downloads Between $80 and $100 per license

In addition, you can use sound effects to give your video a more surprising and creative approach with the following licenses:

License Type Price
Standard It can only be used in one project Between $1 and $5 per license
Multi-use It can be used in different projects Between $3 and $15 per license

With Audiojungle all problems disappear.

All you have to do is log into your account, choose the audio track that best suits your needs, make the payment and download the song.

It is fast, legal and simple.


The 3 keys to succeed with your video

After analyzing hundreds of videos from travel agencies, we have seen three factors that make the difference between one more video in the pile and an exceptional video that turns visualizations into money.

1. Emotion

musica para videos de viajes sin copyrightThe promotional video of a travel agency should generate expectations for tourists.

At the end of the video, the potential client must want to book their holidays with your agency and, to achieve this, the video has to cause positive and pleasant emotions.

You will need to highlight all the benefits of the destination, showing the most touristic places, the most demanded experiences, the culinary offer, etc.

The person viewing the video should feel emotionally attached to it, and therefore to your agency.

2. Precision

Not only is it important to show them all the benefits, but also to do it as briefly as possible.

The video should be concise, not exceeding two minutes. Otherwise, the potential customer will lose their attention and you will not achieve the goal.

Even if you can offer a lot of things in your offer, you should focus on showing them the best ones.

musica para presentaciones de viajesIn other words, if the best part of your package is the stay in a five-star hotel, with its SPA and its views from the roof, show exactly that in the video and don’t mention other things like the city, the food, etc.

Look for the key benefits of your offer and focus on them.

3. Music

The video cannot be without music, and this element must be in total harmony with what you want to transmit.

That is to say, if you offer a trip to Paris focused on couples, the images should represent typical situations of lovers, and the music should be romantic, transmitting emotions of love, like this one from Epidemic Sound: Loving Caliber feat. Selestine – You Set My World On Fire

Or if, for example, you offer a promotion focused on doing a safari in Kenya, the images should represent the African savannah, the animals and the indigenous people of Kenya, all accompanied by African tribal music, such as this one from Audiojungle: Inspiring_Sounds – African

If the video is not followed by the appropriate music for each situation, it will not generate the necessary emotions in the potential clients for booking their holidays with your agency.


musica para videos de viajes gratisI guess by now you have realized that music plays a fundamental role in your travel agency’s videos.

However, I want to convince you of this through a challenge.

I will show you a promotional video that meets the three key factors discussed in the previous section.

Take a look at it and just once you finished you can continue reading.

Okay. Now try to see it again by removing the sound… Do you see what I mean?

Music makes the difference between a video that excites and transmits and another that doesn’t.

musica para video de vacaciones en la playaYou have to realize that the image of your company is at stake with this type of video.

This is why it is necessary to take the time to find the most suitable music.

Otherwise, you could ruin both the video and your agency’s reputation.

The good news is that you already know where to get the music that will hook your next clients.

You do not need to look any further: both Epidemic Sound and Audiojungle will provide you with huge music libraries with maximum sound quality.

Now it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs!

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Need background Music?

Visit our own royalty-free music library with the easiest licenses that you will find out there.

✔️  Unlimited downloads

✔️  Lifetime license

✔️  New music monthly

✔️  All use cases covered

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