musica de fondo para videocursoAs you know, in recent years and due to the global expansion of the Internet, online courses are becoming an increasingly frequent trend and therefore competition in this market segment is increasing.

If you have planned or are already in the process of creating an online course you should bear in mind that the fact of putting background music in it can be a key factor to differentiate yourself from the rest and increase your profitability. 

Why is music a fundamental aspect for any type of online course to be successful?

Simply by the feeling of professionalism that this is able to transmit to the users or assistants of the course!

The more details you take care of your course, whether in the musical section, images, videos, clarity of the voices or any other element, more work will appear behind it and, consequently, a greater perceived sense of professionalism.

Therefore, taking into account that your main objective is that the course is sold or has the greatest possible visualizations, it is essential to give the background music the importance it deserves so that it helps us to succeed.

Next, I will explain what are the 4 main aspects to give the music a good use and then we will discuss how and where to get it:

The importance of the musical genre

When you create a course, tutorial or presentation, the first thing you should do is to be clear about your main objective, what you want to teach, the vision… all this generates values that make up a brand image, or, in this case, a service image.

Music has to go in full accordance with this image since it is not the same as an online course is intended to teach a language or teaching users to use a professional photo camera.

musica de fondo tutoriales As well as there are great differences in an online course aimed at 10-year-olds that adults of 30 or 50, since, depending on the age, the way to teach the course changes, as well as the background music does.

If the course is aimed at a children’s audience, music should be almost always animated and somewhat childish or youthful, since obviously, if in this hypothetical case we used classical music, it is very likely that our students would not have a good predisposition at the time.

Therefore, it must be very clear that the:

  • Type of teaching (what subject is taught in the course?)
  • The brand image (what image do we want to convey?)
  • The target audience (what age range do our students have?)

…they are all very relevant elements when choosing the musical genre that we want to be played. efectos de sonido udemy

In addition, the choice of one genre or another not only affects the predisposition of students when taking the course but also has a very important advertising function when generating new customers.

The sound on any type of video can help motivate the visitor so that there’s a bigger chance that he will get carried away by their feelings and end up with a good image of the course or hiring the services that are offered on it.

The effects of volume

Once we have chosen the type of music for our online course, the next step once we edit our course is to choose the reproduction volume. cuidar el sonido curso online

We must be very careful when establishing it, since it should not be so low that it is not clearly heard, nor so loud as to generate difficulties for the user when listening to the instructor’s voice.

The previously chosen musical genre plays an important role also when selecting the right volume since the level of penetration in the user’s ear is not the same with classical music as with Rock and Roll and therefore you should play with the adjustments in a necessary way.

The rhythm of music and its consequences

Rhythm is the third main aspect since it is scientifically proven that music with a faster rhythm affects the speed of the heartbeat of the listener and therefore generates greater stress.

In an online course, this is somewhat counterproductive, therefore we will look for melodies in which the rhythm is medium.

The influence of sound effects on learning

Sound effects have the same relevance when we talk about managing the background music of an online course. musica para presentaciones

When different effects are included at the time of studying or performing an exercise, this increases the possibilities of recall, since the user can not only remember acquired knowledge thanks to his explanation but also thanks to a sound associated with that knowledge.

That’s because it was produced simultaneously!

For example, in the case of a course aimed at children to learn the names of animals in English, there is more chance of learning if the sounds of these animals are used as a complement to their names and images if they are not used.

In this way, sound effects can greatly help to professionalize an online course, as it increases the learning possibilities of users.

coursera youtube musica fondo (1)

Where can I get music for my online course?

copyright en las canciones Once we know the importance of music for any type of course, let’s see where to get it.

Just as you have to be careful in choosing the type of music, you also have to be careful when obtaining it, since any song is protected by the so-called copyright, as explained in this other article.

The illegal use of songs (for example downloading them for free from the Internet) can lead to unwanted consequences, such as the automatic removal of our videos if we upload them to YouTube or any other social network or even worse, complaints by the record companies.

To save you headaches and exorbitant monthly payments, there are online platforms for obtaining music and sound effects.

Envato Elements is one of the most important and most affordable at the price level.

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is an online marketplace whose objective is the sale of legal songs. envato elements logo

That is, you can download any song and be able to use it as you wish!

The platform has an efficient search system so that we can find the music we need in a very short time and now has more than half a million songs of all kinds of genres.

What are their prices?

Elements operate on a monthly subscription of $16.50/month, with the following features:

  • Access to all tracks
  • New tracks added every week
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited use in all your owned and operated channels
  • No copyright claims or royalty fees – Fully monetize your videos
  • Cancellation at any time


As you have seen, music plays a very important role in the creation and management of any type of online course.

Their functions can be diverse: from helping the concentration of users, through a better state of mind and, therefore, by a better predisposition towards the course, to positively influence the number of conversions on our website when presenting it.

If music is usually an added value for the sale of products, for the sale of visual online services it is an indispensable condition.

And the good thing is that to get it quickly and legally, we only have to visit Elements.


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Need background Music?

Visit our own royalty-free music library with the easiest licenses that you will find out there.

✔️  Unlimited downloads

✔️  Lifetime license

✔️  New music monthly

✔️  All use cases covered

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