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Background Music for Apps

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Background Music for Apps

Holding a degree in Business Administration and Programming, Pablo established Legis Music in 2016. With a focus on the royalty-free music industry, he has contributed extensively to the field, authoring over 150 articles on various aspects of music licensing. His efforts have been instrumental in developing one of the most straightforward and liberal music licensing frameworks available today.

If there is one industry that has been booming for more than a decade, it is mobile applications.

The famous apps and the devices that support them continue to grow at a constant rate, with no signs of slowing in the foreseeable future. efectos de audio para aplicaciones apps

In fact, there are now more than 2.7 billion people worldwide who use smartphones, in addition to the 1.35 billion who use tablets, which has doubled over the past six years.

To corroborate this data you only have to go out to the street and take a look at the people around you.

The surest thing is that you will find several people with their eyes stuck to their mobile device.

We use our phones at work, at home, on the street, while we eat… in fact it is possible that you are reading this article now from your mobile.

And what do people do stuck to their mobile all day?

According to the “Mobile Marketing Statistics Compilation” study by Smart Insights, 90% of the time we spend on mobile we are using applications.

If you are an application developer or, on the other hand, you have already created your app, this is very good news.

However, to succeed in the huge ecosystem of applications:

- Users need to download your application. - Users need to use your application.

efectos de sonido para apps aplicacionesFor this reason, if you want to be competitive in this multi-million dollar market you will need to understand how people download applications, how they use them, and what elements to use to make them happy with your app.

In this article, we’re going to discuss one of those essential elements for a good user experience: sound and music.

LEGIS MUSICOne-time paymentFrom $19 / Lifetime
EPIDEMIC SOUNDSubscriptionFrom $9 / month
AUDIOJUNGLEPer audio trackFrom $14 / song

However, I want to warn you of something important when it comes to sounding your app.

When we choose sounds and music for our apps it is vital to be informed if those sounds are copyrighted.

Copyright is the exclusive right of an author, publisher, or company to exploit the songs or sounds they own.

If we use copyrighted audio tracks without having purchased for their licenses, we risk being sued by the copyright owner. If this were to happen, we would not only have to pay for the licenses we use without permission, but we could also pay significant financial penalties, while having to face legal and criminal liability.

To get rid of problems and have the peace of mind of doing things correctly, there are several Internet portals that allow us to acquire a multitude of sounds without copyright.

The Bests Royalty-Free Music and Sound FX Platforms

Next I’m going to show you the three best services to acquire the best sounds for your apps.

I will start with the one that best meets your needs, and then show you its two best alternatives. Let’s go for it!

Legis Music

legis music logoAt Legis Music we also have three exclusive plans, launched this 2023, that make access to royalty-free music easy and inexpensive.

These plans are designed so that you only have to pay once to get them, allowing you to enjoy unlimited songs for life and have the peace of mind of not having to worry about copyright claims in the future.

Thus, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs: Starter Plan, Personal Plan or Business Plan.

However, in the case of mobile apps, we recommend the Personal Plan, as it is specially designed for using the music in all personal projects and apps.

It is the one of the most open licenses of all, since almost any use case is covered and it also offers unlimited music (the only thing that is not allowed is to use it for client work -if you are a freelancer or a company-, online ads or TV, Film and Radio). Its price is a one-time payment of $49 for life. Thus, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the license forever and pay only once.

Below is a table with the three plans and their respective prices, in case you are interested in any other plan.

Starter PlanPersonal PlanBusiness Plan
Price$19 forever$49 forever$99 forever

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound epidemic-sound-logo-musica-fondo-video is one of the most reputable landmarks in the industry.

In fact, it is one of the oldest – since 2009 – and has one of the largest music libraries: more than 30,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects.

This platform has two features that will help you develop the creativity and continuity of your app musically speaking:

  • ‘Find Similar’. This is an option that allows you to find songs which are similar to the ones you liked. - ‘Stems’. It is a utility through which you will be able to eliminate sound elements of a song, such as voice, guitars or other instruments.

The proper license for sonorizing apps is the ‘Single Track License’, which has several models with different prices according to your needs: prices Epidemic Sound However, if you prefer to test the platform before purchasing your subscription, you can do so at zero cost.

Currently, Epidemic Sound offers a FREE 30-day trial period for new users that will allow you to enjoy all its features without paying a single euro.

Don’t miss this opportunity!


Audiojungle audiojungles-licensesis another of the best Internet service platforms in the royalty-free music licensing industry.

As soon as you enter you will see that navigating through its menus is super intuitive.

You will have a wide collection of songs and sound effects at the click of a button, which you can filter according to:

- Target audience - Musical genre - Type of instrument - Category

You can play any song and audio effect, and even download it for free.

But with a watermark that will be removed when you buy the track. musica para aplicacionesSo you can try it on your app to see if it is the sound you were looking for or not.

However, one advantage is that once you have paid for a track, you can use it as many times as you want indefinitely.

Audiojungle license prices depend on the number of sales or downloads your app receives.

If we talk about the songs, the available licenses are as follows:

StandardUp to 10.000 copies, sells or downloadsBetween $26 and $29 for license
Mass ReproductionUnlimited copies, sells or downloadsBetween $80 and $100 for license

If you already have your app, or if you have the project to make it, the most recommendable would be to choose the ‘Standard’ license.

Once you see that your results are increasing, you might consider moving on to ‘Mass Reproduction’.

As far as sound effects are concerned, licenses have a lower cost:

StandardJust can be used in one projectBetween $1 and $5 for license
Multi-useCan be used in different projectsBetween $3 and $15 for license

As with songs, if you only have one app, the ideal license would be the Standard one.

If, on the other hand, there are several apps that are going to use the same sound effects, the ‘Multi-use’ would be the most correct one.

You can see that Audiojungle is a leading platform that offers a huge list of music tracks – more than half a million – of the highest quality and at a very reasonable price.

Everything you need to sound your app is here.

Want to try it?

musica para creadores de apps

Apps Facts to Keep in Mind

To know the type of sound your app needs, you will need to know the types of applications users are consuming and see what sounds those applications use.

Below is a chart of the most popular categories in the App Store. aplicaciones-moviles-apps-estadisticas As you can see, the most downloaded category are games.

So, if you have in mind to create an app that is a game, you should take note of the sounds that those applications similar to yours have.

musica para iphone appsAnd in the same way, do the same if your app would fall into another category.

The idea is the same: download them, see what kind of sounds they have, and look for them in the platforms I mentioned in the previous section.


Mobile applications are part of our everyday life.

The app market is constantly growing, and that is not expected to happen in the near future.

It looks like 2019 will continue to be a great year for the mobile applications industry.

In fact, according to data compiled by the Buildfire portal in its article on Download Statistics and Mobile Application Usage, they show that:

  • Mobile applications are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020. - The Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps available, and the Google Play Store has 2.8 million. Both are increasing weekly. - We usually use our phone, on average, every 12 minutes. However, 10% of people check their phones once every four minutes. - 21% of Millennials open an application more than 50 times a day. - 49% of people open an application more than 11 times a day. - 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile applications. - The average smartphone owner uses 30 applications a month.

With this data, you can be sure that developing an app today is something that, despite fierce competition, compensates and much as long as the application solves a problem and is accepted by users.

And to achieve this we have already seen that both sound and music are important elements. musica para apps

The advantage of having reached this point in the article is that you now know the risks of using certain copyrighted sounds.

But you also know where to get the quality sounds you need to connect with your app users.

Platforms like Epidemic Sound and Audiojungle are perfect for your sound needs.

Now it is up to you which of the three to choose, according to your requirements.

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Thank you very much in advance! If you want, you can also continue learning about music without copyright or visit other blog articles :)

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