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Background Music for children's video & story

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Background Music for children's video & story

Holding a degree in Business Administration and Programming, Pablo established Legis Music in 2016. With a focus on the royalty-free music industry, he has contributed extensively to the field, authoring over 150 articles on various aspects of music licensing. His efforts have been instrumental in developing one of the most straightforward and liberal music licensing frameworks available today.

If you are thinking of creating a children’s video or story, the first thing you should keep in mind is the evolution of the digital world.

For books, the written medium is living a rather hard time as a consequence of the digital revolution that is taking place in our times.

In that sense, children’s stories are not an exception. It is so much the growth of storytelling on the internet that a new concept has appeared: audiobooks.

What are audiobooks?

audiolibros infantilesAn audiobook consists of recording the history of a book read aloud.

This trend is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, to the point of significantly increasing the number of audiobooks in the current market.

These audiobooks can be distributed through YouTube and also through other platforms that, seeing the great success of this new form of narration, have decided to do business with it.

In addition, audiobooks can incorporate, apart from the voice of the narrator, different sound elements, such as music and sound effects, which make them much more entertaining than traditional books.

Where to buy the right music?

canciones para cuentos

Today I bring you a platform that will allow you to download unlimited music: Envato Elements.

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Legis Music

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Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an online marketplace that contains a large number of songs and sound effects with their respective licenses. envato-elements-licenses

One of the advantages of this platform is the specific classification of its content, since searches can be filtered by musical genres, moods…

So you won’t have any problem finding the right music or sound effects for your children’s story, play or video.

In fact, there’s a song search category called “kids”.

Most of these songs are intended to be used as a background, either videos, children’s stories, etc. That’s why most of them have no lyrics, so they are perfect to be combined with the voice of a narrator.

Thanks to its monthly subscription, you can download all the songs you need without worrying about anything else.

What’s their price?

The subscription price is $16.50/month and has the following advantages:

  • Access to all tracks
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Why to put music in your children’s story?

cuentos con músicaIf we were to analyze the amount of business in which music exerts positive effects, surely it would take days to be able to do so.

And is that even in children’s stories music is capable of generating optimal results that can help greater profitability of the story released to the market.

One of the first effects of the use of music for children’s stories is their introduction to the musical world.

In this way, kid’s stories can be another way for parents to bring their children to music and create interest so that they are then attracted to play some kind of instrument.

In addition, music also has a very important didactic factor.

In fact, there is a lot of scientific research that says that music increases the chances of remembering.

Therefore, this can be a very good option to help children learn to read, improve their writing skills, increase their vocabulary, etc.

On the other hand, music, together with sound effects, are capable of increasing children’s imagination processes, to the point of creating an environment of propitious realism so that they feel as if they were truly living the story.

However, the functions of the musical aspect go beyond providing realism to the story.

And that this is also capable of generating emotions depending on the moment of the plot in which the narration is: fear, joy, intrigue, etc.

This generation of feelings may or may not be accompanied by the same voice of the narrator.

Everything will depend on the level of strength you want to give to that particular emotion.

And finally, we must also mention that when preparing a children’s story, there are many times that it is difficult to say something through words.

It’s on those occasions when you have to let the music speak on its own.

How to manage this sound aspect in your children’s stories?

When selecting a type of music for your story you must take into account different factors:

  • The theme of the story. - Moment of the plot. - Introduction to history. - Presentation of chapters. - Key moments of history. - The conclusion of the book. - Target audience.

canciones infantiles If we look at the target of this type of story, obviously we will speak of people who are usually characterized by a rather innocent personality.

For that reason, music for children’s stories tends to be pretty as well as simple.

These types of songs usually have a rather basic and direct message.

In addition, they are usually characterized by the repetition of words and melodies.

There are songs that have faster or slower rhythms, although, according to various studies, both speeds have positive effects on the development of brain functions of children.

To be specific, simple syllables and happier rhythms help children learn to speak, remember and increase their vocabulary.

Usually, songs have a message to transmit. Some of these ideas transmitted are so obvious that they sometimes go unnoticed by adults.

However, many of these songs are able to make the message consciously or unconsciously in the minds of the little ones, which increases their perception of the real world.

Even so, the selection of songs to use is the most difficult when it comes to managing music for children’s stories, because, if you look at the process of simultaneous combination of voice, music and sound effects, this is usually quite simple and easy.

In fact, there are thousands of programs that offer many facilities to make such a mix, such as Audacity.

However, we must recognize that there are moments in the story where it is better to only listen to the music, that is, without making any mix with the voice.

In this way, the feeling or emotion that the song transmits at that moment will be increased.


audiolibros para niños With this article, I think that the importance of music in children’s stories has become quite clear.

However, music is not the only element to consider in this type of content, since sound effects also bring much realism to the story.

Also, keep in mind that the music must be in perfect harmony with the voice of the narrator, a voice that by the way should be quite powerful and easy to understand for the little kids.

So, if you are thinking about preparing a children’s story, do not hesitate to enter the digital world through audiobooks, as this will make it easier to reach a greater number of people and, as a consequence, to obtain a greater number of income for your children’s stories.

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